Engaging existing customers as well as prospecting globally has seen H&M become the latest fashion brand to launch an immersive metaverse experience on Roblox. And with clothing and accessories creation growing on the platform by 25 per cent year-on-year, there’s no doubt there’s plenty more to come.

The new H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox gives players the ability to create virtual garments and wardrobes for their avatars, experimenting with materials and patterns. Centred around a city square, there are mini-games, styling sessions, alternate world environments, events and other social interaction opportunities through the experience.

For example, the four alternate worlds – Loooptopia City, Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo and Fabric Fooorest – allow users to gather fashion ingredients, jump on scooters to zoom, or use jump pads, ziplines and obstacles to reach hard-to-find items. Avatars can also be styled through accessories, dance moves, music tracks and special effects as part of a runway performance.

In and around the immersive play is a circular economy educational element. Users can trade clothes with friends as well as recycle old clothes to earn super-rare elements and become the star of the runway show. The H&M experience was created in partnership with metaverse studio Dubit.

“People who shop and wear H&M garments and accessories are increasingly spending time in virtual spaces and digital worlds,” said H&M Americas head of customer activation and marketing, Linda Li. “The H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox is now allowing us to explore new ways to engage with our current and new customers in the places they love to be, both online and offline.

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By Samy